Examples of Our Deliverables

Company Presentation

With the majority of business meetings conducted on Teams and in 30 minutes these days, gone are the 28-slide company presentation marathons that the audience sits through wishing the presentation would just – end.

Company presentations have become increasingly brief and to the point. That’s great, yet what is the point that you want to drive across to your audiences? Also, surely your presentation is of good language and has a professional look and feel?

Investor Deck

Seeking the next round of funding for your company? Your investor deck will need to communicate clearly and understandably not only what your company does and how you plan to grow it over the next couple of years, but also what your competitive landscape looks like and how you position and differentiate your offering among the competition.

Need assistance in financial modelling and/or strategizing around where to seek funding, how much, and what the best practices are? Our network of experts is at your service.

Website Texts

For your website to work for you (and not against you), its content needs to tick a number of boxes. Everything starts with a logical sitemap and information architecture, coupled with an intuitive navigation.

Yet even the best UI and UX planning requires great content to go with it. Short copy content to look crisp and drive across your key messages, and long copy content to explain things in more detail, and to keep the site fresh and attractive in the eyes of both your audiences and search engines. Not to forget the evolving keywords that your audiences will use, searching for the services that you offer.

Interesting texts to web pages
Investment case

Investment Case / Equity Story

Ever faced a situation where investors complain that they don’t have a clear idea of where your money comes from and how your business is structured?

Often it’s not that the documentation doesn’t exist – the nicely branded infographs and short copy summaries are all there on the website, yet they are buried in pdf’s: Annual reports or roadshow presentations, or those Capital Markets Day materials. Time to bring the content directly visible on your website pages. It will aid SEO results, too!

And of course – when new content is needed, let’s create it together.

Thought Leadership Content

Ok let’s get this straight: Not any blog post or article is ‘thought leadership content’. As part of a systematic program that involves ambitious thinking related to positioning and differentiation in the marketplace, it may be. But not just any random piece of website content!

Now that we got that sorted, yes we can help you with a wide range of thought leadership content. Be it ebooks, case articles, blog posts, white papers,… you name it and let’s talk. Through our network, we can also help you with videos, podcasts, design, and SEO efforts. 

Need to build a thought leadership program? We can help you with that, too.

Marketing Strategy

Speaking of thought leadership… just how ambitious are you? Aiming for a thought leader’s position in your field? Running a thought leadership program is a long term investment, its results are relatively hard to measure exactly, and the content is rather effort-consuming to produce, so it’s not for everyone. Yet if you have decided to set your ambition level high with regards to positioning, let’s definitely talk.

Even if thought leadership is not in your plans, you can, and should, be strategic about your marketing efforts for them to help grow your business. What is the problem that your company is solving, whose problem is it, and how do you phrase that problem? Who are your buyer organizations? And who are your buyer personas in those organizations? What is your message to each of them? Who are your competitors and how do they position themselves? How do you differentiate among that group? Through which channels will you reach your audiences and how? What happens after that?

The above are some of the questions you will need answers to, in a documented format, to be able to keep your go-to-market act together as you grow. We can help!